A lifetime of experience and some innovative thinking led us to a unique solution and working proof.

Our Vision

General Aviation

GA pilots are comfortable using various electronic flight bag solutions. But every flight bag lacks proper guidance within the terminal area. Our work is useful in the IFR and VFR contexts in landing at unfamiliar or difficult sites.

Commercial Aviation

In discovering the wider application of our design we have determined that use by commercial aviators will increase the safety, efficiency, and capacity of the airspace system in both IFR and VFR environments.

Military Aviation

Our work will aid in our military’s ability to train pilots more quickly, give proper guidance for UAV pilots, and open hard to reach areas for safer more efficient approaches to land or water with little to no ground support.

Flight Simulation

By introducing our work into current simulators used for the purposes of training and/or preparation, pilots will find themselves better prepared for the most important part of every flight.

Flight Instruction

In using our work for instruction, student pilots will learn more quickly how to arrive, approach, and land at any airport or landing site in the world without the need for expensive ILS systems.

Preflight, Inflight, Postflight

Our work can and will be used in numerous form factors for briefing, in flight for realtime guidance on approach, and to debrief every approach logged in the flight log.

We believe our invention can contribute greatly towards flight optimization, airspace and navigation procedure design, and air traffic management in both IFR and VFR environments.

"Isn't it astonishing that all these secrets have been preserved for so many years just so that we could discover them!!"

Orville Wright to George Spratt
Dayton, OH, June 7, 1903

Our Team

Given our diverse backgrounds, relationships, and experience, we have found amazing synergies in working together.

Albert Tellechea

Business Development and Pilot
Area 2601, LLC

Diego Alfonso

Flight Safety, Instruction, and Pilot
Area 2601, LLC

Joe Collins

Developer of the Proof-of-Concept
Area 2601, LLC

Our Partners

Finding outstanding partners within the industry is the reason for great success.

Cary Chandler

Commercialization Advisor
Auburn University
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Mary Shirley-Howell

Commercialization Advisor
Auburn University
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Special Thanks!

We stand on the shoulders of giants. Over the years we have enjoyed research made public by NASA, and received open and public domain data from the USGS and FSA.


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